Dancing with the Temple Stars

by | Apr 19, 2013 | What’s Happening

Sunday, May 19, 5:45 pm

From rumba to swing, and cha-cha to hora, Temple Israel will rock with music by The Hotel Paradise Roof Garden Orchestra, led by WHRO’s Lynn Summeral, with jazz singer Becky Livas crooning old favorites.

The dinner planners and decorations committee are working, while program chair Susan Eilberg has brave couples meeting for weekly dance practice sessions. Through cross-hand turns, “twinkle steps” and promenades-with-a-pretzel-finish, dancers are counting their way through the footwork as instructor William Neill keeps the laughter coming.

The event will begin with drinks and light hors d’oeuvres on the Evelyn Eisenberg Atrium. Dinner will follow in Brody Auditorium where the contest will be followed by general dancing into the evening hours. Tickets are $50 per person and include all amenities plus the right to vote once for the favored contestant couple. Extra vote tickets can be purchased ahead of time by making a larger donation, or can be purchased at the event from “hat-check” girl Doris Friedman.

In addition to ballroom swirls and shimmies, a great ring for Israeli dancing, led by Judy and Reuven Rohn, will bring everybody together in the kind of Jewish dance where everybody wins.

The identities of this Temple Israel couple are disguised, as they are among the surprise contestants who will compete in “Dancing With the Temple Stars.”

by Kathryn Morton