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by | Oct 27, 2022 | Trending News

My first full-time job as an editor was with Tidewater Virginian, a business magazine published by the area Chambers of Commerce. There, I was introduced to the complex world of business and its many facets and stories—so many stories.

Like those multiple story subjects I was introduced to at Tidewater Virginian, this section contains articles on diverse topics. Not surprising, when covering business in the Jewish community, there seems to be no shortage of topics.

Gilbert Eyecare is our first profile. Established more than 50 years ago, David Gilbert clearly sees the family business side of vision. His interview begins on page 17. The Hyatt in Virginia Beach (page 22) and Cohen Investment Group (page 19) are also profiled.

“Quiet quitting” is a phrase that seems to be everywhere—emerging out of nowhere just a few months ago. Andrew Silow-Caroll offers his opinion on the concept, suggesting that the trend might even sound Jewish. Hear him out on page 24.

What’s business without a disagreement or two? On page 20, Brian Waigner of Kaleo Legal offers suggestions for avoiding corporate litigation, while an article on page 26 highlights what happens when business feuds lead to lawsuits. This time, it’s a battle between two bagel shops in Columbus, Ohio. Oy.

The article, My father’s lesson: Jews must value labor, is written by a rabbi about her late father, a businessman who supported unions and his employees. It’s a reminder to honor front line workers. Page 21.

When you’re not reading the articles in the section, please read the advertisements and consider choosing these businesses when you might need their type of services.

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