Dear Readers: Legal Matters in the Jewish Community

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

It happens to all of us. For some, more often than others.

The reasons vary…it might be time to write a will, purchase a home, or establish a trust. Or, maybe a traffic accident (or violation) occurs, a dispute with neighbors brews, or an employment contract needs review. Not only do the reasons vary, they are seemingly countless.

We need an attorney…or rather, we need attorneys, as today most specialize in specific areas of law.

For this special Legal Matters section, Debbie Burke, copywriter for Jewish News, contacted several local attorneys about their practices and what, if any, new laws might impact us in Virginia. The interviews with Deborah Casey, Andrew Fox, Tom Snyder, and Wayne Goodman begin on page 18. Their responses are interesting, informative, and uplifting as they all really seem to be happy working in their profession.

Around the country, Jewish groups are responding to recent Supreme Court rulings. In Kentucky, for example, Jewish women are suing to block the state’s abortion restrictions made possible by the overturn of Roe V. Wade this summer. The article is on page 22. In New York, a Jewish gun club is suing Gov. Kathy Hochul to allow concealed weapons in synagogues. The article on page 26 explains that this is a response to Hochul’s response to the June Supreme Court decision that struck down New York’s strict concealed carry laws.

One of my favorite courses in college was Journalism and the Law. I found it fascinating, just as we at Jewish News hope you find this section.

Thanks for reading,

Terri Denison