Dear Readers: Senior Living

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

What age qualifies as a senior?  It seems like the answer depends on where you inquire. AARP, for example, says its organization is dedicated to people 50 and over. According to Medicare, however, a senior is 65 years old or older. But anyone 55 can visit a McDonald’s and receive a senior discount. For a senior ticket price at AMC, the movie goer must be 60. The same is true for countless retail, restaurant, and grocery establishments. In the eyes of the U.S. government, Social Security benefits are eligible for seniors starting at 62, even though the Social Security Office reports that 67 is the age of retirement.

Clearly, being called a senior is all just a number. . . and one that isn’t at all clear!

That’s why this section offers articles about ‘seniors’ of all ages. . . most of them so active one wonders how busy these people might’ve been in their younger days.

Various programming and spaces for seniors to gather at the Simon Family JCC are also highlighted here. Those articles are on pages 20, 23, and 25.

Two articles focus on care – one on preventative care (page 17) and another on a new business that trains caregivers on how best to care for seniors – or anyone at any age – who requires help (page 19).

One especially fun piece features a Holocaust survivor who celebrated her 100th birthday by throwing the first pitch at a baseball game. Talk about inspiration! Page 24.

We hope you find all the articles and advertisers in our Senior Living section informative, interesting, and even inspirational.


Live well!


Terri Denison