Dear Readers: The Holiday Season is About to Begin

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

It seems we just finished shaking the lulav for Sukkot and unrolling the Torah for Simcha Torah and here we are in mid-November preparing to set our Thanksgiving tables! And, for some of us, in addition to thoughts of turkey and sweet potatoes, we’ve got brisket and latkes on the mind. We’re getting ready for the holidays…all of them!

Back in the 1980s a colleague sheepishly asked me if I celebrated Thanksgiving. “YES!” I replied. Apparently, I was one of the first Jewish people he knew. Thanksgiving was always a big holiday in our home, and it still is. One of my favorite parts of the holiday is attending Ohef Sholom Temple’s annual Joint Thanksgiving Service with Freemason Street Baptist Church.  Now in its 95th year, Debbie Burke’s article about the annual tradition is on page 23.

Less than one month after Thanksgiving, Hanukkah arrives.

An early Hanukkah gift appeared last month when the U.S. Postal Service unveiled its new Hanukkah Forever Stamp. It’s been a long time since there’s been a new design for Hanukkah stamps.  Be sure to purchase them and then, perhaps, we won’t have to wait so long for the next new look. Page 24.

Each year, Chabad of Tidewater makes certain Norfolk and Virginia Beach have large menorahs in prominent positions for Hanukkah.  The article about how it happens is on page 22.

Shopping local is always a good idea. To prepare for Hanukkah, we’ve checked in with several local Judaica shops, great places to pick up at least candles for the holiday. Of course, they offer so much more, including hanukiah, gelt, and dreidels. Page 20.

This section has some terrific advertisers that offer unique gift ideas and places to celebrate all of the holidays. Before shopping online, please check them out first.

All of us at Jewish News wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and good luck as you begin to prepare for Hanukkah. Our next issue, by the way, will feature many more articles for the Festival of Lights!

Terri Denison