Diamonds Direct Grand Opening in Virginia Beach features placement of mezuzot

by | Sep 4, 2016 | Other News

An Israeli-run jewelry store is now open in Virginia Beach, complete with mezuzot adjacent to the front and inside doors.

Diamonds Direct is the eighth in a fast growing chain that started in Charlotte in 1995 and has spread across the southeast United States. President and CEO itay Berger, who resides in Herziliyah, came to the showroom near Town Center on August 25 for a party to celebrate the launch. With him was Barak Henis, senior vice president, also a native Israeli, who lives in Raleigh.

As the evening wound down, one of the last guests to arrive was Chabad Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky who came bearing two mezuzot. Moments later, with Berger and Henis sporting napkins on their heads for makeshift Kippot, the trio recited blessings and affixed the Judaica to the doorposts.

“I was going to stop by anyway, so i thought i would bring something along,” says Rabbi Levi, who earned the eternal thanks of his hosts. “We have mezuzot in all of our stores, but we had not put them up here yet,” says Berger. “it was such a nice gift from the Chabad to welcome us to Virginia Beach, a city that we already love.”

A host of business and civic leaders attended the opening event, including Mayor Will Sessoms and Warren Harris, Virginia Beach Economic Development director, who joined in a ribbon cutting.

“We look forward to serving customers from throughout the region,” says Henis, “but obviously we are very eager to get to know and become involved in the Jewish community.”

Located at 4452 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Diamonds Direct features a 6,000-square-foot showroom with top-quality jewelry and a large selection of mounted and loose diamonds, varying in size, carat weight, shape and certification.

Joel Rubin