Excitement builds for Aviva Pembroke Opening set for October

As the opening of Aviva Pembroke gets closer, excitement continues to build within the community. Operated by Beth Sholom Village, Aviva Pembroke plans to be open this October. The already strong demand for Aviva Pembroke underscores the appeal of its amenities, services, and commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive community for seniors, while continuing to honor Jewish values and traditions.

One of the hallmarks of Aviva Pembroke is its commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging lifestyle for its residents. Even prior to its official opening, the community is buzzing with activity. Resident engagement programs include initiatives such as an active book club and social gatherings to bring future residents together to create a sense of community spirit.

A topping-off ceremony with beam signing is scheduled to take place in the spring, marking another significant step towards completion. This event will mark a crucial stage in the construction process, as well as provide an opportunity to honor the generosity of donors and the dedication of individuals who have played pivotal roles in bringing the vision of Aviva Pembroke to life.

David Abraham, president and CEO of Beth Sholom Village, says, “I am thrilled to witness the remarkable progress of Aviva Pembroke’s construction, as we move one step closer to fulfilling the growing demand for senior living in Hampton Roads. This development represents our commitment to providing an environment where seniors can flourish. I eagerly anticipate the positive impact Aviva Pembroke will have on the lives of our future residents and the broader community.”

To stay informed on the progress of Aviva Pembroke, regular updates are available at AvivaPembroke.com, as well as on its Facebook page. These platforms offer news about developments and upcoming events, as well as glimpses into the vibrant lifestyle that awaits residents at Aviva Pembroke.

For information on apartment availability, contact Allison Hechtkopf, executive director, at AHechtkopf@bethsholomvillage.com or 757-961-3046.