Family loves Camp JCC hosting Israeli counselors

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Other News

When Israeli born Cheni Alofer and her husband Sam told their children they were taking a trip to visit family in Israel this June, their son Aaron said, “Will that mean we will miss Camp JCC?” Aaron, a rising first grader at HAT, and his younger sister Natali, will attend camp after their family trip. The two spent most of last summer at Camp JCC, and also hosted an Israeli counselor.

“My kids simply love Camp JCC,” says Cheni Alofer. ”Aaron enjoys outdoor sports activities, especially Gaga and swimming, and raves about his counselors. “The camp experience taught him a lot about sportsmanship, about not caring so much if he wins or loses, but how to become a team player. “

Natali, almost five, loves swimming and her counselors as well, and looks forward to family and late nights at Camp JCC. “Like her brother, she looks forward to going to camp each day, and is never bored, because Camp JCC constantly mixes things up with a variety of activities, themes and field trips.”

For two weeks last summer, the Alofers housed Noga, the Israeli counselor at Camp JCC. “I would recommend this experience for any family,” says Alofer. “For us, the connection to Israel is very important, and we like having the kids speak Hebrew with a young person from Israel.” She adds that every family will grow from the experience of housing a counselor. “It’s good for young children to learn how to be a host; you’re doing a mitzvah for somebody. These teens are working hard and it’s our way to show our appreciation in return.”

To house a Caravan Scout June 22 through June 24, or to host an Israeli counselor for a week or more this summer, contact Scott Katz at 321-2317.