Federation seeks to capture lightning in a bottle with second community phone-a-thon in December Sunday, December 13, 10 am–1 pm

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Trending News

What does an organization do when the success of a new program exceeds its wildest imagination? Well, that’s an easy question to answer… REPEATS IT! Or at least try to come as close as possible to “capturing that lightning in a bottle.”

On the second Sunday of December (also the third day of Hanukkah), United Jewish Federation of Tidewater will aim to duplicate the success of it quasi-virtual September Super Sunday, by holding another community-wide phone-a-thon, appropriately named SECOND SUNDAY.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to call fellow community members on Sunday, December 13 between 10 am and 1 pm can sign-up on Jewishva.org/Second-Sunday. Campaign staff will assign volunteers donor prospects to call from home. As the callers report-in their successes throughout the day, UJFT will keep a running tally of total gifts closed and dollars raised, which will be shared periodically on UJFT’s Facebook page.

Volunteer campaign workers with regular assigned cards can also use this day to make their remaining calls. And, those who’ve already completed their assignments can get a few new ones to call.

Hanukkah is the quintessential gift-giving holiday in the Jewish calendar. The hope is that holding SECOND SUNDAY during Hanukkah will tap into this spirit of giving, and that those who are asked will respond generously and with a glad heart. For the volunteer callers, one need only ask this: Is there a more generous gift one can give another than the opportunity to give tzedakah in support of the Jewish community we love?

SECOND SUNDAY aims to provide a spirited, energetic community day, where all can ask, all can give, and all can feel good at the end of it. One might even call it “the Federation’s Hanukkah gift to the community,” and of course it is “the community’s Hanukkah gift to the Federation.”

Look for more details on SECOND SUNDAY in the next issue of the Jewish News as well as in emails from the UJFT and JCC and by visiting JewishVa.org.

For questions about SECOND SUNDAY or to make a gift to the 2021 Community Campaign of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, contact Amy Zelenka, campaign director, at 757-965-6139 or give online at JewishVa.org (click on United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, then “Give Now” at the top of the screen).

— Amy Zelenka