First day of school at Hebrew Academy and the Strelitz preschool

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Other News

As any parent and child has experienced, the first day of school is always highly anticipated. Between setting the alarm clock for an on-time arrival to donning those very special “first day of school clothes,” it can be very exciting. A scan of friends’ Facebook pictures or being a “fly-on-the-wall” at Hebrew Academy and the Strelitz preschool makes it easy to see the action play out.

“Nathan’s first day of school…I drop him off in his room and he says, ‘Let’s do a quick hug and kiss and then you can go,’” says Strelitz preschool mom Allison Cooper. “We do, and then he turns right around and immediately runs off to play.”

Betty Ann Levin adds, “Sam is in kindergarten now. I could have walked him in today, but he jumped out ready to go!”

For Hebrew Academy parents of older students, morning drop-off goes even quicker, but not without equal exuberance.

“Kids bounded into school from the carpool line with bright shiny faces, colorful backpacks and galaxy sized smiles,” says Janet Jenkins, director of general studies. “Superstars were born as we welcomed them on the first day by rolling out the gold carpet, officially launching them into the new school year.”

As for the day that ensued, Zohar BenMoshe, fifth grade music teacher has already noted a difference in her classroom. “Students already seem so much older with the passing of one summer. They have an increased thirst and eagerness for learning, which I observed with their very detailed questions. I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and learn.”

Hebrew Academy of Tidewater is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

by Dee Dee Becker