Fleischmann Lounge – Dedicated senior’s space celebrates legacy and community

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Other News

The newest space at the Sandler Family Campus, the Fleischmann Lounge, is a bright open area named in memory of a sweet and unassuming gentleman, Joe Fleischmann, who was active in the JCC Senior’s club, quietly participating in its activities.

“Mr. Joe” loved researching stocks and reading articles on the JCC’s Senior Room computer. Keenly aware of living in a world dominated by rapidly evolving technology, he recognized how important it is for everyone to embrace change and keep up to date with the computer age, despite their age. With that philosophy, Fleischmann left an endowment for JCC Seniors that embodies a tree of life; roots that are intertwined in history while the branches reach towards the future. He was a gentle reminder that age should never be a barrier when exploring computers’ vast possibilities. His niece, Janet Gelman, made sure the Fleishmann Lounge became a reality.

The Fleischmann Lounge stands as a testament to the community’s unwavering appreciation for its senior citizens’ remarkable contributions and wisdom.  It celebrates life, experience, and the ongoing pursuit of growth and companionship. This space not only enriches the seniors’ lives but also strengthens the fabric of the entire community, reinforcing the values of respect, unity, and continuing education.

The Fleischmann Lounge currently hosts many group games, club meetings, gatherings, monthly birthday parties, and continuing education programming.
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Have an idea of something to be offered in the Fleischmann Lounge? Contact Robin Ford at Rford@ujft.org or Mia Klein at MKlein@ujft.org.  

-Robin Ford