From The Hal Sacks Jewish News Archives

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Other News

June 23, 2006
The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School held a graduation ceremony for 23, the second largest class to graduate from the school since its inception in Tidewater.

June 21, 1996
Jody Wagner, a partner in the law firm of Kaufman and Canoles, was installed as president of Jewish Family Service of Tidewater at the agency’s 50th Annual meeting.

June 6, 1986
Dr. Gary Rubin, after 14 years at Old Dominion University, assumed the position of assistant executive director of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

June 18, 1976
A Torah was to be presented aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in a special ceremony. This was “the only Torah afloat in the U.S. Navy.” A special ark was constructed aboard the Nimitz and the chaplain’s flag was to be flown on the ship on the Sabbath and on holy days.

June 1, 1966
The Norfolk Section of the National Council of Jewish Women made the first payment on a $1,000 heart-monitoring machine to be used by Norfolk General Hospital during surgical procedures.

June 1, 1956
The Norfolk Jewish Community Council was authorized by its board of directors to borrow $64,000 from local banks to send to the National United Jewish Appeal to aid the Jewish Agency in Israel. The National United Jewish Appeal asked all Jewish communities in the U.S. to borrow proportionate amounts “so that Israel may have maximum funds at this crucial time in its history.”