Fundraiser exceeds Toras Chaim expectations

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Other News

Toras Chaim conducted their 36-hour matching campaign fundraiser on Sunday, Oct. 14. The campaign goal of $40,000 was met within the first four hours of the event.

Ultimately, Toras Chaim raised more than $60,000 from over 230 donors. This success comes as Toras Chaim is expanding programs and increasing enrollment.

“The Jewish community really stepped up to make a difference,” says Rabbi Yisroel Stein, Toras Chaim’s development director, who organized the event.

Four new families have joined Toras Chaim in the past four months, and an additional four more families plan to enroll when they move to Norfolk in the coming months. This will bring the enrollment to close to 120 students. The Orthodox community’s advertising campaign to bring new families to Norfolk is paying off as families from larger cities seek the advantages of small community life including personal attention, community, and affordable programs.

Rabbi Gershon Litt, parent and board member, says, “It really was a lot of fun and energy in the room as we were calling. We were working the phones, eating shawarma, and watching our fundraising goals rapidly get met and get surpassed.” Litt says he is very proud to note how widespread support for Toras Chaim has become. “Our base is really expanding, we have current parents and grandparents, successful alumni, friends, and supporters all over who believe in what we are doing.”

With new families and strong support, Toras Chaim started the year strong, planning many educational initiatives both for Judaic and General Studies. The school is bringing nationally known educational trainers, and expanding efforts to work with students with a range of individual needs. Toras Chaim will be visited by their accreditation review team this year.