Game on. Summer Maccabi 2020 is virtually the best year yet for dancers, gamers, and athletes

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Other News

August 9–14, Pace University, New York City

Digital natives, competitive dancers, and athletes who love soccer, basketball, swimming and e-sports will compete in 2020 Summer Maccabi, this year’s Olympic-style competition open to Jewish kids ages 13 to 16.

“It doesn’t matter what sport you play, your love for it will grow,” says Tal Zach. “I made lifelong friends. We talk every day. In fact, we just hung up.”

Zach is in 10th grade at Norfolk Academy. She won two medals at the 2018 Maccabi in Orange County, Calif. and walked away with a love for swimming that swelled.

Normally, the athletes stay with a host family. One new twist for 2020 is the host university. Athletes will stay in New York, in dorms on campus at Pace University, their host. “We will have more independence,” says Zach. “It will be cool and exciting to go watch the other activities.”

By introducing Esports, which is video gaming competition via 1-on-1 and 4-player team formats, options for participating open up to participants outside the realm of traditional athletes.

“I was in a meeting at the JCC,” says Zach. “One mom was walking by and heard us talking about e-sports. She just popped in with her younger son to sign up.”

This year, Art-Fest takes place in San Diego.

– Lisa Richmon

The deadline for the deposit of $150 is March 2, 2020. Contact Tom Edwards for more information at or 757-321-2308.