Germaine Clair, long-time Jewish News art director, retires

Terri Denison
After 18 years, the April 3, 2023 issue was Germaine Clair’s last as art director for Jewish News.

Germaine served as art director for the final Renewal magazine published by United Jewish Federation of Tidewater in the fall of 2004. By 2005, she was designing the paper, completely changing its look, and standardizing its ad sizes. Along the way, she also found a new printer for the paper and even sold some ads.

The art director for Jewish News is also the entire production department, so Germaine made certain the Jewish News files reached the printer on time every single time.
Germaine learned which images go with which holiday, as well as what not to include. She knew the candle lighting times and the Hebrew dates. Germaine read most articles and caught typos. Plus, she kept great files. . . both digital and hard copies of every issue. She was a terrific partner.

An artist, Germaine and her photography-loving husband are avid travelers who manage to attend the latest exhibitions at museums around the world. Prior to her retirement, the trips were made between issues. Now, those trips are being made when they want to go and for multiple weeks at a time.

Admittedly, I tried to ignore Germaine’s message when she spoke about retiring. But the day came, and she booked her tickets for Italy.

Jewish News owes Germaine much appreciation for her devotion to the paper and excellent, detailed, and creative work on its behalf. Deadlines are now in her rearview mirror and she’s smiling big as she looks forward. Mazel Tov, Germaine!

Mike McMahon assumed the role of art director with the April 24 issue and is making his own mark on the paper and aptly managing those deadlines.