‘Golden Years’ filled with family, travel, and…work

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Other News

Carol and Louis Sherman.

I’m glad to have this opportunity to reflect on my “golden years.”

My long-suffering wife of 45 years, Carol, and I are worriers. So, prior to retiring, we spent lots of time worrying about having adequate health care and income so that once we retired we would, for the most part, not lose sleep over those important issues. Kudos to Sally Kocen and the folks at the Frieden Agency for their expertise in helping us make the best decisions for our retirement years.

Retirement, assuming reasonably good health, left us with LOTS of time on our hands. We love to travel, so Carol and I have cruised quite a bit, often with family or friends, sometimes just the two of us, throughout the Baltic Sea, the Greek Isles, much of Europe, Alaska, New England/Canada, and the Caribbean (a great place to avoid the misery of winter).

Our sons, Eric and Scott, our daughters-in love, Anna and Aly, and our amazing granddaughters, Elizabeth, Lily, and Ashley, all live out of town. So, we travel to see them as much as possible. The last couple of years we have all enjoyed getting together to share a condo in Myrtle Beach during the summer, and to gather at each other’s homes for Thanksgiving.

As a retired Virginia Judge, I also enjoy serving as a Retired/Recalled Judge (frequently called a “substitute judge”). This requires the approval of the Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court and attendance at mandatory continuing judicial education. I average about a week a month hearing cases, mostly in Hampton Roads. Serving as a substitute judge helps keep my mind fresh, and allows me to stay in touch with my judicial colleagues and members of the bar.

Finally, I also enjoy volunteering my time in the community. I am an Honorary Board member of Ohef Sholom Temple, and have participated in the NEST Program, Men’s Club, and other activities that serve people in need.

By Louis Sherman