Guide to Jewish Living 2016

by | Aug 14, 2016 | Other News

Dear readers,

The 2016 Guide to Jewish Living in Tidewater is organized a bit differently from previous years. The main changes are the addition of some new categories and of a Table of Contents/Index to make finding specific services or organizations easier. For example, if you’re in search of physical therapy, with a glance you’ll see that Jewish Family Service offers an option, as does Beth Sholom Village, even though they are listed in different categories. Our hope is that these modifications make the Guide a more useful tool.

As if to validate the vibrancy of Tidewater’s Jewish community, these pages continue to be packed with a variety of places to worship, learn, manage myriad health and age issues, socialize and engage in social action.

Speaking of social action, I read this morning that one of the keys to happiness is doing for others—either by volunteering, making financial contributions or even by taking people out to dinner. Here, you’ll find a variety of organizations that will welcome your volunteer time and contributions of dollars, as well as beautiful advertisements from some of the best restaurants in the region.

Today is as good a time as ever to get involved and be happy! We hope the Guide to Jewish Living in Tidewater is a resource to get you started and to ultimately stay engaged.

Thanks for reading,
Terri Denison