Guide to Jewish Living in Tidewater

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Tidewater’s Jewish Community Calendar tends to be busy most months of the year. The reason? The myriad of welcoming organizations, synagogues and schools that are brimming with events.

We’re fortunate, and most of us probably don’t realize it.

I received a call a few weeks ago from a high school friend who now lives out-of-state. Her mom shares copies of Jewish News with her. After reading all that takes place here, my friend wanted to know who to talk to about making programs work. Where she lives, she said, not much is happening, even though the Jewish community is about the size of Tidewater’s. Her call was a reminder of Tidewater’s vibrancy.

From multiple places of worship, schools and camps to chapters of nearly every national Jewish organization, there is somewhere for every Jewish person—young or old or in-between—residing in Tidewater to join or participate.

Award-winning Beth Sholom Village cares for the elderly, while Jewish Family Service serves nearly every population in need, whether with adoption, rehab therapy, grief or financial services. The Simon Family Jewish Community Center offers athletics, arts, senior and teen programming, as well as educational classes. United Jewish Federation of Tidewater raises funds to support local agencies and groups, as well as those in need around the world. Tidewater Jewish Foundation manages funds for many of these groups.

Together, it all forms a thriving Jewish community.

The 2014 Guide to Jewish Living in Tidewater is designed to be a resource of contact information. We hope you hold onto it until next year and find it useful.

The Community Calendar, by the way, can be found here.

Terri Denison

Guide to Jewish Living in Tidewater, August, 18, 2014