Hannah Marin wins CRC’s Israel Poster Contest

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Other News

Illustrating an intriguing fact concerning 2,000-year-old seeds that were discovered inside an ancient jar in Israel in 1963, Hannah Marin won CRC’s 5th Annual Israel Poster Contest.

Students in grades 1-12 were eligible to compete in the contest by designing a handmade poster based on one of the 13 cool facts about Israel that were listed on UJFT’s Community Relations Council’s website.

More than 65 submissions were received and displayed at the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus. After the community voted in person, the top 10 finalists remained on display at the Leon Family Art Gallery and were put online for the final voting to determine the winner.

A member of Beth Chaverim and a 10th grade student in Princess Anne High School’s IB program, Hannah says she was fascinated by the story of the seeds, which were planted in 2005. A tree that had been extinct for more than 1,800 years sprouted.

“I chose this topic,” she says, “because it is a huge discovery and, in a way, life changing. It will further scientific advancements.”

Israeli scientists are hoping to discover if this ancient date palm tree, now nicknamed Methuselah after the oldest person named in the Old Testament, has any unique medicinal properties that are no longer found in today’s date palm varieties. In ancient times, date palms were famous for their medicinal value.

Dr. Rabbi Israel Zoberman, founding rabbi of Congregation Beth Chaverim, says, “What a wonderful accomplishment that speaks volumes of Hannah Marin, Congregation Beth Chaverim, and the entire community as we celebrate the 69th anniversary of the only Jewish state in the world! Mazel Tov!”

Hannah’s original artwork will be framed and permanently displayed with previous winners’ at the Sandler Family Campus. Visitors to Israel Fest on Sunday, April 30 will receive a copy of the poster.