Happy Passover

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Trending News

Passover usually marks the start of spring and a reminder to celebrate redemption, hope, and renewal. Now, as we begin to emerge from one of the most challenging years of our lifetime, we see the possibilities of real celebration in our near future.

For Jewish Tidewater, we are able to look forward to those celebrations in part, because of our community’s diligent efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, we have worked together as a united community to maintain continuity and confront each new challenge as it presented itself.

We continued to care for each other—and, in fact, we’ve demonstrated increased efforts with our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, our endeavors to help people find vaccine appointments, our providing nourishment for hungry community members, as well as for healthcare workers and first responders, and our financial support of our agencies, schools and synagogues so that they could be properly equipped with PPE, other equipment and updated technology to reach their patients, students and members.

We continued offering programs to expand our minds and lift our spirits.

We continued providing classes and opportunities to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

We continued to meet our obligations to care for our Jewish family throughout the world.

We continued to address security needs locally, as well as to stand up against hate.

This has all been possible because of your generous support. Thank you for your financial gifts and for your gifts of time and participation.

With increased availability of vaccinations, as we approach Passover, we have every reason to be optimistic for both our community’s and our personal futures.

Chag pesach sameach—wishing all of you and your families a healthy, safe, peaceful, and happy Passover,

Betty Ann Levin
Executive Vice President/CEO
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater/ Simon Family JCC