HAT and Strelitz preschool celebrate Shushan Purim in grand style

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Other News

HAT and Strelitz preschool students join on stage in a parade of Purim costumes.

HAT and Strelitz preschool students join on stage in a parade of Purim costumes.

Students at Hebrew Academy and the Strelitz preschool celebrated Shushan Purim with great enthusiasm last month. The day began with a parade and then everyone convened in the multi-purpose room where all Queen Esthers, Hamans, superheroes and Disney characters joined on stage in a display of creative and colorful costumes.

Other Shushan Purim activities and tzedakah efforts included:

Students exchanged mischlat manot—goodie bags of food to share, as is customary during the holiday.

Entertainment by magician Harold Wood—students watched in awe as he juggled, rode a unicycle, and performed magic tricks. Everyone went wild when he made a bunny appear from nowhere.

Students sent 50 baskets of food to Israeli soldiers through the Connections Israel program. Shuly Einhorn coordinated this very worthy effort, which shows appreciation for the sacrifices soldiers make.

Hakesher parents (HAT’s parent teacher organization) put together and sent Purim boxes of food to residents of Beth Sholom Home. Deb Segaloff, development director, coordinated these efforts.

HAT students watched Megillas Lester, a full-length animated feature film depicting the fictional story of Lester, a boy whose imagination turns the Purim story upside down.

What wonderful memories and learning experiences students shared, combining their knowledge of Judaism, love for their homeland and, as always, the importance of doing for and thinking of others near and far.

Hebrew Academy of Tidewater is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

by Dee Dee Becker