HAT ’s parents paint the night away

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Other News

When Hebrew Academy of Tidewater’s PTA volunteers met at the beginning of the school year, they wanted to create a fun community-building event for HAT parents. Robyn Bailey suggested a paint night and Monique Werby and Erica Kaplan agreed. The committee chose a night that Simon Family JCC parents could use Kids Night Out for babysitting, removing one obstacle to attending. In addition, Pinot’s Palette of Norfolk created a special Hamsa design for the evening.

Beautiful pieces of art were created—each with a unique twist—while drinks were enjoyed and HAT parents got to know each other.

“Believe it or not, HAT is a diverse community,” says Kaplan. “Our families attend different synagogues, live in different areas and often don’t have time to get together outside of school.

“The evening was a win-win, our kids are friends at school, and the Parent Paint Night gave HAT parents the opportunity to bond as well, in turn strengthening the whole HAT community. Parents are already asking us to plan another one,” says Kaplan.