Hebrew Academy parents bond over baking

by | Jan 24, 2014 | Other News

Jewish education is not just for kids. Marissa Kempner, Patti Seeman and Ashley Lemke, active parents of Hebrew Academy’s parent organization (Hakesher) recently spearheaded a special challah baking class for HAT and Strelitz preschool room parents. The results proved to be an extraordinarily heartwarming experience as parents learned helpful tips and bonded over the sharing of their own challah traditions.

Kempner shared her baking and braiding skills along with a few really great laughs throughout the process. “Marissa is a superb teacher,” says Patti Seeman, room parent and baking participant. “She taught us about the mechanics of making challah, as well as its Judaic significance and importance. I definitely look forward to taking part in more fun occasions like this together.”

“Everyone enjoyed the class and the feedback has been very positive,” says Carin Simon, admissions director and Strelitz parent. “We have a close knit community here at HAT and Strelitz. Moms and dads are not just parents, they are friends and family. That is what I love about working and sending my sons here.”

The Hakesher committee’s next class: Making Hamentashen!

by Dee Dee Becker