High Holidays 5776

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Other News

Dear Readers,

While the High Holidays seem to be on the “early” side of the calendar this year, I had the feeling on my walk this morning that it was time.

Maybe it’s a seasonal sensation…since kids are back in school, it’s dark when I get up, as well as at dinnertime, or because plenty of brown leaves now cover the ground.

Perhaps, however, I can attribute that feeling of preparedness for the holidays to what’s taking place in the Jewish world. Everyone’s getting ready…for the vote on Iran and what comes next, for the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s annual Campaign Kick-off, for an assortment of Jewish classes and cultural arts programs to begin, for 5776 to just get going.

Whatever the reason, I’m ready to enjoy some holiday meals, listen to beautiful and inspiring music, hear some intelligent and spiritual sermons, be with family (though I’ll miss my daughter who is away at college) and take the time to sit and reflect on just how good life is.

I hope you are ready, too.

On behalf of the Jewish News staff, best wishes for a new year of peace, health and happiness.

Terri Denison