High Holidays

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Dear Readers,

In this, the first of our two special High Holiday sections, we devote lots of pages to recapping the events of the worldwide Jewish community of 5774. What a year it was…from the death of Ariel Sharon to the discovery of art confiscated from Jews in Germany to Operation Protective Edge. Don’t worry, we’re not forgetting about all that has happened this year in the Tidewater Jewish community. Our final edition for 2014 will review those notable events.

On a lighter, tastier note, we’ve got some great, simple recipes for Rosh Hashanah on page 30. And, Hal Sacks’ book review in the main section of the paper on page 39, also offers a recipe that can be used during this season…perhaps best for Sukkot. Speaking of notes, there’s an interesting piece from Los Angeles about the daily blowing of the Shofar in the month of Elul, prior to Rosh Hashanah. In still another twist for the holidays, for those who tend to communicate digitally, we feature an article about reflecting online.

With the holidays arriving late this year (Remember how early they came last year? Will they ever be on time?), our second High Holiday section on Monday, Oct. 6 will provide still more great dishes, locals’ favorite parts of the holidays and additional ways to observe and celebrate.

L’ Shana Tova,

Terri Denison Editor
High Holidays, September 8, 2014