Hillel at Virginia Tech celebrates Thanksgivukkah

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Other News

The Malcolm Rosenberg Hillel Center in Blacksburg, Va. was filled with more than 250 students on Thursday, Dec. 5 for a Thanksgivukkah celebration.

Marking a time when two holidays collide, this party was referred to as #VTT hanksgivukkah. In preparation for the event, students created a blog post modeled after Buzzfeed for the top reasons to celebrate Thanksgivukkah and a video: http://hillelatvirginiatech.com/blogs/ and http://bit.ly/1CW7ZVN.

This event engaged Virginia Tech students from all over campus to enjoy a night of meaningful fun. Hillel at Virginia Tech partnered with popular university and community businesses: the Campus Alcohol Abuse and Prevention Center, Sharkey’s Wing and Rib Joint and The Virginia Tech Poker Club, to put on “the ultimate holiday party.” A local DJ rocked the dance floor and students had the opportunity to play free casino games and win prizes while munching on latkes and Sharkey’s chicken wings.

Hillel students planned the event, reached out to multiple organizations for support, marketed it across campus and even created a radio ad. Follow-ups to continue the relationships and strengthen community are underway.

Jewish students came with their roommates and classmates, leading them straight to the table of latkes and dreidels with pride. The Jewish students felt united in their ability to share their traditions, customs, and heritage with the entire campus community.

by Isabel Shocket