Holocaust Commission

by | May 6, 2021 | Other News

The Holocaust Commission gratefully acknowledges the following White Rose and Red Rose donors from this year’s annual campaigns to raise funds to continue our vital programming. We could not provide the vital educational support we offer to teachers, the military, and the community without the gifts of these caring donors.

White Rose donors
Janice J. Aleck
Marilyn Allison and Sid Bass
Judy Anderson
Barry Ashburn
Dr. Allison Ashe and Mr. Forrest Williams Jr.
Michael and Mitzi Ashe
Marilyn and Michel C. Ashe
Leslie and Andy Auerbach
Sherry B. Baron
Patsy and Burt Barr
Miriam and Steven Becker
Joan and Al Benas
Lei Lei and Rob Berz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Brooke
Ellie and Lenny Brooke
Norma Abrams Butler
Alexandra and David Calliott
Ms. Marsha Chenman
Merle Cogen and Reece Livingston
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel J. Cohen
Lisa and Joel Cohn
Edith Dealy
Harriet and Stanwood Dickman
Joseph Drory
Captain and Mrs. Marshall Duny
Susan and Jim Eilberg
Lois and Barry Einhorn
Joyner and Barrie Engel
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Familant
Bessie Finder and Andrea Finder Zarge
IMO Phyllis and Joseph Finger, of blessed memory
Elisa and Pat Finneran
Cantor Elihu Flax
Pastor and Mrs. Bob Fox
Lucille and Irving Frank
Mrs. Rita Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Freeman
Jodie and Jack Frieden
Ina and Moss Friedman
Louise and Martin Friedman
Marcus and Ronnie Friedman
Arnold Gamsey Lodge, B’nai B’rith
Pam Gladstone
Tom and Joanne Glass
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Goldman
June Goldman
Freida Goldstein
Sandra and Howard Gordon
Joyce and Harry Graber
Glenda and Lewis Greenhouse
Ellen and Jon Harris
Mrs. Marilyn S. Holzsweig
Steven Hornstein
David Jacobs and Sylvia Liu
Connie Jacobson
Mrs. Irene Janow
Jeanette and Harold Juren
Ivor and Susan Kaplan and family
Janet and Billy Kass
Peter and Galina Kastin
Arlene and Isidoro Kessel
Barbara Klaff
Herb Kline
Brenda and Mark Kozak
Sheila and Matt Krakower
Arthur and Emmy Lou Kreger
Alan Kurzer
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Laibstain
Shirley S. Legum
Jay W. Legum
Rachel Lev
Judith Ann Levine
Margaret and Frederic Levitin
Marilyn Levy
Linda and Jonathan Longman
Fred McCall
Robert and Melanie McCarthy
Sabina and Byron McPherson
The Miller Family
Ms. Nancy L. Millstein
Debra Lubar Moore
Betty Moritz
Iris and Ben Moss
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Muhlendorf
Joy Murray
Hedy and Ozzie Osmunson
Rabbi Michael and Sheila Panitz
Bob Pasternack and Cathy Healy
Rhona Peck
Nancy and Stanley Peck
Rona and David Proser
Ilene Putterman
Sara and Adam Rafal
Beth Reshefsky
Judy and Reuven Rohn
Nancy and Steve Rosenberg
Carol B. Rosenblatt
IMO Fred Rosenblum
Rabbi Arthur and Miriam Brunn Ruberg
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rubin
Betty Sacks
Carolyn and Peter Sallmaier
Marcia Samuels and David Kamer
VeeVee and Jon Scott
Naomi Limor Sedek
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Seltzer
Patty and Herm Shelanski
Carol and Lou Sherman
Drs. Laurie and Gary Siegel
Jim Soltz
Barbara Spigel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steiner
Susan Feit and Eitan Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Taylor and Beth Emet Messianic Synagogue
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Tonelson
Dena Vernik
Patti and Jules Wainger
Philip and Mary Ann Walzer
Trudy and Martin Waranch
Steven Warsof
Michelle Waterman
Joseph and Irene Weintrob
Janis and Edward Weisberg
Drs. Alice and Eric Werner
Ellen Willner
Allison and Zachary Wohlgemuth
Charlotte and Ari Zito
Anonymous (3)
Red Rose donors
Golden Angels
Reba and Sam Sandler Foundation
IHO Barbara Rosenblum and
IMO Martha and Jack Weissberg
Simon Family Foundation
Bank of America
Helen G. Gifford Foundation
Clay H. Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dreyfus
Alan and Esther Fleder Foundation
Carol and Joel Jason
Ed Reed
Tova Goldman Tritt and Shawn Tritt
Lisa Bertini and Jack Siegel
Joan Brock
Lynn and Hugh Cohen
Ann and Bobby Copeland
Susan and Paul Hirschbiel
Sheila and Bob Josephberg
Leon Family Fund
IMO Linda Belkov, by Lisa Belkov Snyder and family
Renee and John Strelitz
Dr. Jordan Asher and Ms. Jody Mattison
Avraham Ashkenazi
Wendy and Frank Auerbach
Betty and Ken Berklee
Sonia and Marshall Bonnie
Todd and Robin Copeland
Arthur Diamonstein
Nathan and Leora Drory
Barbara and Andrew Fine
Gail and Joel Flax
Matthew Galumbeck
Mark and Karen Gilbert
Stacey and Todd Goldman
Dale and Jonathan Jacobs
Mr. Richard Jacobson and family
Cindy and Ron Kramer
Celia K Krichman Charitable Trust
Joan Kaplan London
Jeanne and Julius Miller
Dr. Alfred “Buzzy” Schulwolf
Leslie and Larry Siegel
Lawrence Steingold
Jane and Jim Wells
Helen and Warren Aleck
Babbi and Brad Bangel
Margaret Baumgarten and Max Mirovski
Elena and Gary Baum
Lauren and Alex Barkan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barney
Dr. Alan G. Bartel
Susan and Jon Becker
Ilana and Nathan Benson
Elise Berkowitz and family
Lisa Ehrich and Rob Bernstein
Paula and Michael Blachman
Dr. Herbert and Susan Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Brodsky
Marilyn and Stuart Buxbaum
Pam Campbell, IHO Robert Bruce Givens, 71st Infantry
Elyse and David Cardon
Dana Cohen
Michael Cohen
Susan and Andy Cohen
Esther and Glenn Diskin
Randi, Trevor, Edie, and Britt Dunlap
Rachael and John Feigenbaum
Diane and Jeffrey Fine
Karen and Matthew Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Frieden
Alicia and Robert Friedman
Leslie Friedman
IMO Richard Glasser
Bootsie Goldmeier
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Gould
Dr. and Mrs. Bernie Grablowsky
William and Jeri Jo Halperin
Mickey and Stuart Held
Marcia Hofheimer
Ellen Rostov Hundley
Beth and Nathan Jaffe
Norma and Alan Jaffe
Joan and Eric Joffe
Kathy and Jerry Kantor
Betsy and Ed Karotkin
Linda H. Kaufman
Jodi and Jay Klebanoff
Ronnie Jane and Steve Konikoff
Anne and Ed Kramer
Irwin Kroskin and Nancy Kanter IMO Ruthi Kroskin
Amy and Kevin Lefcoe and family
Marty and Ina Mirman Leiderman
Betty Ann and Scott Levin
Ina Levy
Shelley and Jeff Loeb
Joe and Joanie Lust
Honey and David Maizel and family
Marty and Rabbi Rosalin Mandelberg
Vivian and Burke Margulies
Cassie and Bob McBride
Deborah and Jerry Meltsner
Marcia and Burton Moss
Rena and Michael Myers
Stephanie and Paul Peck
Carole and Aaron Peck
Matrtin and Judy Snyder
Phyllis and Michael Sperling
Harlan and Beth Vingan
Dr. Alan and Jody Wagner
Valerie and Matthew White
Mr. and Mrs. David Wolfe
Megan and Steve Zuckerman
Anonymous (2)