by | Sep 4, 2016 | Other News

Dear Readers, According to Reform Judaism, A Jewish Way of Life, a small handbook that covers topics from What is Torah? to The State of israel to Life Cycle and everything in between,

“When establishing a Jewish home, it is important to find a town, city, or neigh borhood that has a synagogue and a Jewish community.”

With those words as a guide, establishing a Jewish home in Tidewater sounds like a sure bet. There’s no doubt that support systems—synagogues, schools, service and social organizations—abound within our Jewish community to make Tidewater a comfortable and engaging place to live Jewishly.

In addition to the Jewish backing, Tidewater offers a host of dedicated landscapers, realtors, mortgage companies, designers, furniture and gift stores, and builders—some that advertise right here! —that are able to make home living possible and satisfying.

These pages offer articles on staying healthy at home, persevering to secure a home mortgage, maintaining an organized kitchen and, of course, a few delicious sounding recipes to cook up in your home kitchen.

The staff of Jewish News hopes you enjoy these last few weeks of summer (Fall officially starts on Thursday, September 22), and no matter the weather, that you always enjoy your home!

Teri Denison