Humans of Tel Aviv founder Erez Kaganovitz changes the narrative

by | Sep 25, 2017 | What’s Happening

Humans in the Public Sphere
Sunday, Oct. 8, 10:30 am, Sandler Family Campus
Tikun Olam Family Workshop
Tuesday, Oct.10, 5:30 pm, Sandler Family Campus

Photographs of Tel Aviv and Israelis are seen daily around the world—but how many depict the real Tel Aviv; the Tel Aviv that is a bright and vibrant society filled with writers, thinkers, and innovators? Erez Kaganovitz, creator of photoblog Humans of Tel Aviv, is on a mission to show this Tel Aviv, his Tel Aviv to the masses. “When people see my page, they understand that Tel Aviv and the people who live in it are like the people in New York, Paris, or Toronto. They share similar values, problems, and issues,” Kaganovitz tells ISRAEL21c.

The Humans of Tel Aviv project began in 2012 when journalist and photographer Kaganovitz came across a photo from the blog, Humans of New York, which was created by Brandon Stanton in 2010 to show the humanity within New York City. When Kaganovitz saw Stanton’s work, he knew he wanted to create a Humans project in Tel Aviv because what he sees is not the war-torn homeland often presented by the media, but rather, “its multiculturalism, its diversity, its very active civil society, all its complexity.”

Kaganovitz has a knack for discovering and setting up the perfect shot. He also has a natural feel for approaching and interviewing his subjects, who all begin as strangers. His ability and desire to connect has allowed him to capture people from all walks of life. “You can see religious orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians alongside gays, lesbians, and transsexuals; you can see refugees from Africa who fled to Israel, and sophisticated people from Rothschild Boulevard,” he relays to ISRAEL21c.

And so, with a monthly reach of 500,000 through social media, Kaganovitz continues to show the melting pot that is Tel Aviv. “The real humans of this city is what makes Tel Aviv such an Interesting, tolerant, and multicultural place.”

Kaganovitz will visit Tidewater as part of the Israel Today series, coinciding with his exhibit in the Leon Family Gallery.

On Sunday, October 8, with Humans in the Public Sphere, Kaganovitz will speak about his journey discovering the Humans of Tel Aviv, the influence of the city’s diverse population, and how the perception of Israel is influenced by Tel Aviv. Following his talk, Kaganovitz will lead a discussion and walk through the Leon Family Gallery.

On Tuesday, October 10, with Social Fabric of Tel Aviv: Stories Unraveled, Kaganovitz brings children and parents together for a Tikun Olam Family Workshop to discover the stories of the Humans of Tel Aviv in an interactive photography workshop, sharing how to help repair the world through art. Child: $8/$6 JCC members; Adult $11/$9 JCC members; Families: $32/$25 JCC members. Dinner will be served beginning at 5 pm.

RSVP is required for both events as space is limited. Visit to RSVP. For more information, contact Erin Dougherty, director of cultural arts, 757-321-2341.

Erin Dougherty