Ignite, reflect and envision as we usher in 5780

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Betty Ann Levin

Last September, a room filled with members of our community joined together to kick off our 2019 Community Campaign and Arts + Ideas season. The results? An accelerated campaign with a significantly increased level of community support and our ability to meet additional needs in Tidewater’s Jewish community, on college campuses throughout Virginia, and in vulnerable communities around the world. And, a thrilling Arts + Ideas season of authors, artists, experts, films, and Israel engagement. (Wait until you see what we have in store this year!)

On Thursday, September 26, we are taking it to a new level with IGNITE 2020! which you will read about on page 29. If you attended last year, you saw a different Campaign kickoff. At IGNITE 2020! we are taking it a step further.

As our new year approaches and I reflect upon the past year, I think about the impact that each and every one of us makes every day in our community. But the COLLECTIVE impact that we are able to make together knows no bounds. We make that impact as a community through a shared set of core values: doing the right thing (tzedakah), taking care of one another (kol yisroel aravim zeh b’zeh), performing acts of loving kindness (gemulit chasadim) and planting seeds today as our fathers and mothers planted before us (l’dor v’dor).

Let’s find strength in our shared values and build upon the energy that we created this past year together. Let’s envision our future and ensure that our community remains strong for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Each one of us is important and makes a difference. Let’s step forward together.

L’shana tova tikatevu to all of you and your families.

Wishing us all a safe, sweet and healthy New Year,

Betty Ann Levin
Executive Vice president/CEO
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater