Inaugural Sababa event is ‘Cool’

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Trending News

More than 80 people attended Sababa Social Club’s party at the pool. The inaugural event brought friends together —following the past year and a half apart.

Sara Jo Rubin, Sababa Social Club’s chairperson, says, “It was wonderful to see so many old friends, as well as meet new people at the first Sababa Social Club event. And Sababa, which is Hebrew for ‘cool,’ is the perfect title for a casual get-together around the JCC pool, and for future activities. We look forward to meeting even more people at the next event.”

“What a treat to run into old friends,” Sababa Social Club host committee member Ellen Rostov Hundley, says. “I got teary eyed upon seeing a friend from high school—someone from my past that I have not seen since my childhood. It was a good time with great eats!”

Jill Grossman