Intro to Judaism class at Ohef Sholom Temple

by | Sep 19, 2016 | What’s Happening

Sundays, September 25; November 6, 18, & 20;  December 11; January 8 & 29; February 10, 12 & 26;  March 12 & 26; April 23 & 30; May 14  10–11 am, free 

Born Jewish, but not really certain about the basics? Considering Conversion? Part of an interfaith family? Not Jewish, but curious to learn about it? Introduction to Judaism might be the perfect class to take.

Rabbi Deborah Bodin Cohen, interim associate rabbi at Ohef Sholom Temple, will teach a survey class on Jewish customs, holidays, lifecycle events and theology.

“I love teaching Introduction to Judaism,” says Cohen. “Although the Intro classes are diverse, the students inevitably form a tight bond with one another. Intro classes are small, non-judgmental communities of seekers.”

Introduction to Judaism teaches both practical Jewish knowledge (how to light Shabbat candles) and the spiritual purpose behind these customs.

For more information, contact Ohef Sholom Temple at 757-625-4295.