Israel Connection Club connects in area homes

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Trending News

Nofar Trem
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater is taking Israel Club on the road with Shinshinim Naomi Friedland and Maya Ostrov bringing their love and knowledge of all things Israel directly to area families’ homes.

During Israel Connection Club, participants discover Israel’s unique geography, talk about (and taste!) the wonderful foods of Israel, learn about wildlife there, or discuss some of Israel’s rich history.

Hosts have the flexibility to choose a date that suits them, choose a session topic, and invite friends, neighbors, or family of the same age group to their home or a local playground. The Shinshinim bring a tailor-made, no-cost program to the hosts, aiming to inspire, excite, educate, and connect the attendees with Israel.

“Our club session was full of fun games including a relay race, trivia, and friendly competition. All the kids had a blast, and we plan to do it again soon!” says Shikma Rubin, about the Israeli sports-themed session she hosted.

“The kids had so much fun with Maya and Naomi,” says Sierra Lautman, who hosted an Israeli cooking session in her home. “Moving the Israel Club into homes was a great idea. We picked a Sunday night, invited eight kids over, and cooked Israeli food. We all learned how falafel and rugelach made their way into Israel; we practiced Hebrew words for the ingredients and had so many laughs. The best part was all I had to do was put out some cheese and crackers and take a few photos.”

Whether for kids or an Israel-themed evening get-together for adults, there is something for everyone.

To host an Israel Connection Club, visit or contact Nofar Trem at For anyone who is interested in extending invitations to Jewish families, but requires assistance, Trem is available to help make the connections with families who live near the host.