Israel: The Royal Tour, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and CBS Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, Premieres on Public Television, local WHRO (Cox Channel 15)

by | Apr 18, 2014 | What’s Happening

One-hour special — Sunday, May 11, 6 pm

Israel: The Royal Tour is an up-close-and-personal journey with special guide, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. The latest in the Royal Tour series hosted by CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg, Israel: The Royal Tour provides unprecedented access inside a sacred land that is at once ancient and modern, with a long history of conflict. The one-hour special provides an all-access pass into—and across—the entire country, led by the one man who knows it best.

Prime Minister Netanyahu takes Greenberg by helicopter, ship, dune buggy and bicycle throughout Israel. Netanyahu and Greenberg explore the country’s iconic destinations: from climbing Masada to walking the streets in the Old City of Jerusalem; from the Mediterranean beaches of Tel Aviv to the holy sites below the Western Wall; from the Jordan River to the Temple Mount. Greenberg and Netanyahu also hold a frank discussion of the situation in the region, and discuss Palestinian statehood and the prospects for a real peace.

Netanyahu says, “Many times during my years of public service I have wished there were an accessible way to share the many facets of Israel’s unique beauty: its distinct landscapes, its inspiring holy sites, its ancient history and modern cities, its cultural and culinary treasures, its thriving nightlife and above all, its diverse and dynamic people. And Peter proved that he was more than up to the task.”

Featured locations
The Red Sea—Shared by Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the Red Sea is both a place of beauty and strategic economic significance. Netanyahu and Greenberg explore the Dolphin Reef and have up-close interactions with the dolphins that live there, but are not captive.

Caesarea—The prime minister tells the legendary stories and walks Greenberg through the pivotal drama of this ancient port city.

Rosh Hanikra—Netanyahu takes Greenberg to the stunning grottoes of Rosh Hanikra and shares a very special history of his time there in the Israeli army.

Jordan River—The most famous baptism sight in the world, the Prime Minister and Greenberg raft down the river together.

Jerusalem—The most contested piece of real estate in the world, Jerusalem is home to the holy sites for three of the world’s major religions. Netanyahu takes Greenberg in, above and under the city. From the Citadel to the Western Wall, to the oldest active cemetery in the world to the Kotel tunnels. And, of course, inside the old city.

P.M. Residence—Netanyahu invites Greenberg for a rare visit to the Prime Minister’s residence for a visit with his wife Sara, and a personal look at his life, his family and his history.

Technion—Netanyahu takes Greenberg into Israel’s prime center for science and technology and an inside look at the latest inventions.

Tel Aviv—This is a city that has exploded onto the world’s cultural scene, and boasts a world-class nightlife — and an average age of 30. Netanyahu and Greenberg stay up late at one of the city’s hottest clubs.

Masada—For the Jewish people, few places hold the symbolic and emotional significance as Masada. Netanyahu and Greenberg head to the top of Masada to hear the whole story of determination, sacrifice and historic victory.

Dead Sea—The lowest point in the world, the Dead Sea’s high-salt content gives it a natural buoyancy and provides the perfect setting for the Prime Minister and Greenberg to end their journey….afloat.