Israel: Two Opportunities to deepen your connection

by | Mar 22, 2013 | What’s Happening

Saturday, April 13, 9:30 am and Sunday, April 14, 6 pm

The relationship that a Jew feels with Israel goes much deeper than the news headlines, which focuses on the frustrations of diplomacy and politics, leaving our yearning for human connections unsatisfied. Leading up to Israel’s Independence Day, Temple Israel will host two special events to help explore the human reality of Israel. Both are open to the community.

On Saturday morning, April 13, Temple Israel will host the second of two Author in Residence Sabbaths, featuring prize-winning Israeli novelist, Savyon Liebrecht. One of Israel’s best known novelists, she is now beginning to win world-wide acclaim. The eldest child of Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors, born in a displaced person’s camp in Germany, in 1948, Liebrecht made aliyah in 1950. Her novels and short stories deal sensitively with the special nature of Holocaust memory within Israeli society. She has won recognition for her works: Apples from the Desert: Selected Stories, A Man and a Woman and a Man: A Novel, A Good Place for the Night: Stories, and The Women My Father Knew: A Novel.

Liebrecht will join Temple Israel for Shabbat services and speak to the congregation just before the conclusion of worship. Her address will begin at approximately 11:30 am. After services, stay for lunch to continue the conversation more informally.

On Sunday, April 14, at 6 pm, the congregation will host an Israeli Memorial Day program. Following the pattern of Yom Ha-Zikaron as it is observed in Israel, the evening will feature commemorative readings, songs and prayers. Israel Defense Forces veterans and their spouses will light memorial candles to honor those who have fallen in defense of the Jewish state, ever since its inception, and also Israeli victims of terrorism. After the program, people are invited to an Israeli-style dinner. There is no charge, but a collection will be taken for Yad LaBanim, an Israeli organization dedicated to helping the widows and orphans of fallen Israeli soldiers.

A large and diverse turnout is expected at this event, comprising Jewish and also Christian friends of Israel. Call the Temple Israel office, at 489-4550, by Monday, April 8, so that the organizers can prepare dinner in sufficient quantity.

by Rabbi Michael Panitz