Israeli mentalist mixes magic and telepathy

by | Feb 22, 2016 | What’s Happening

Saturday, March 5, 8 pm, Simon Family JCC

Want a little magic in your life? Eran Biderman, known for his feats of mentalism in Israel, has competed against other top Israeli magicians and won a TV contest in his country.

Combined with a sharp sense of humor, stage charisma and abundant personal charm, Biderman’s performances, integrating the world of magic with the world of telepathy, create an unforgettable experience for a wide variety of audiences both in Israel and around the globe.

Biderman will perform at the Simon Family JCC as part of the Celebrate Israel Series, presented by Charles Barker Automotive.

“The full array of Biderman’s mysterious and mind baffling techniques will stupefy even the most skeptical,” according to his website. Members of the audience will be invited to play leading roles as he predicts and influences their behavior.

How does a mentalist become a mentalist? For Biderman, it began at age seven, when he was intrigued by magic tricks his grandfather showed him on a visit to Turkey.

He returned to Israel determined to master the tricks he learned. Soon his school friends and teachers were amazed by what they saw. As Biderman matured, his interest in magic continued, and so did his tricks. He delved ever deeper into the world of mysticism.

Approximately 10 years ago, the young adult decided to take his magic into the world of the psychological. He investigated and researched Mentalism and the “paranormal”— a field that has stirred the imagination and enticed many different cultures of the human race for thousands of years.

“This is my calling,” Biderman says. “I can truly look into the mind and read it.”

In his fast paced show, which lasts just over an hour, audience members can expect many surprises and see mind-blowing stunts. “You’ll remember the show long afterwards,” he promises. “My goal is that it will resonate and be a different show than those you usually see, and so it won’t easily be forgotten.”

Although he admits to having a talent, Biderman believes that anyone can access the tools he uses for mind reading. “Like a pianist with his instrument, it simply takes practice.”

Beer and wine available for purchase starting at 7 pm. Light refreshments will be served. Tickets are $20 guests or $10 for JCC members. To purchase tickets, call 757-321-2338, visit the JCC front desk, or buy online at Free babysitting is available 7–10 pm with the purchase of a ticket.

by Leslie Shroyer