Israeli Scouts to perform at Simon Family JCC

by | Jun 13, 2014 | What’s Happening

Monday, June 23, 6:30 pm

Ten 17-year-old Israeli Scouts, along with two leaders, will visit the Simon Family JCC to perform and visit with JCC campers during the following day. The Scouts, or Tzofim, are teens from all over Israel. Each Friendship Caravan consists of five males and five females. The group that will perform at the JCC is one of four touring the East Coast for three months.

“The impact that the Tzofim Friendship Caravan has on communities is enormous,” says Shari Farberman, director, Tzofim Friendship Caravan & Tzofim Summer Delegation. “They bring a side of Israel that most do not get to experience, and bring fun and energy through their performance. The time the Scouts spend within the community is equally as exciting and meaningful, and the connections the Caravan makes can last for years to come.”

The Scouts are all accomplished performers, chosen as much for talent as verve and enthusiasm. Approximately 1,600 Israeli teens apply to be a travelling Scout. Auditions are held at the local troop level, and then regional and national cuts are made. The result is 75 teens who are either in a traveling caravan or who stay in one camp for the summer. Their talent is evident, as the scouts burst with energy on the stage singing and dancing.

From setting up the stage for each performance, to performing several shows, to stage break down to long drives, the routine seems exhausting, especially for an entire summer, but the Scouts outdo themselves each year. They are equally passionate about showing their audiences what their country is all about, sharing Israeli song and dance, and inspiring inquisitive people to visit Israel.

“Most Caravan alumni share with me that they stay in touch with their American friends and host families for years to come, and even host them back when they visit Israel,” says Faberman.

by Leslie Shroyer