It’s always a good time to say thank you

by | May 27, 2021 | Other News

It is important to thank members of Congress who have spoken in support of Israel’s right to self-defense and condemned Hamas rocket attacks. This is an opportunity to let Congressional leaders know that their support for Israel matters and is appreciated.

Several members of Tidewater’s Congressional delegation made statements standing with Israel and condemning the attacks. Read their statements below and then take a minute to call each office to say ‘thank you’ for standing with America’s ally, Israel, and for taking a stand against terrorism.

It is imperative for the United States to stand with Israel as it defends itself from Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist organization. Over 11 days, Hamas and other Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza indiscriminately fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel—killing and injuring innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians. Rocket attacks on innocent civilians must be condemned.

Representatives want to hear from their constituents and the Jewish Community

Relations Council knows from experience that a thank you goes a long way. Thank YOU for taking the time to engage in this important civic action. Activism is essential for encouraging elected officials to stand with the Jewish state and support policies that ensure the safety and security of both the United States and Israel.

“The U.S. has a moral obligation to stand with our ally Israel, and Israel has an unequivocal right to defend itself against rocket attacks. Leaders on both sides need to take responsibility for their role in escalating this needless violence—before more innocent lives are lost.” —Senator Mark Warner, (757) 441-3079

“The right of Israel to defend its citizens cannot be questioned.” —Rep. Donald McEachin, (757) 942-6050

“The United States must always stand along-side our Israeli allies.” —Rep. Rob Wittman, (804) 443-0668

“My heart is with the Israeli people as they shelter from rockets fired by terrorists in the Gaza strip. The current situation highlights the importance of American security assistance to Israel, as Iron Dome is intercepting many of these rockets and saving lives. As a sovereign nation and our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel must defend itself from terrorist attacks and Hamas must end their deadly assault.” —Rep. Elaine Luria, (757) 364-7650

“Throughout history—the Jew has never been safe. People have demonized, ostracized, and murdered Jews for millennia.
From the ashes of the Holocaust, the massacre of 6 million of our brethren, Jews returned to their ancestral homeland to build an oasis in the desert— a democracy of their own. Jews, persisted, even in the face of the ultimate evil. And today—in their rightful homeland, they are attacked from within. Some call them villains for defending their homes and their families; for not turning a cheek and a blind eye to terror and bombings and missiles raining down. Who would turn a cheek when their mere right to exist is questioned? Or turn a blind eye when history has been so unforgiving?

Not you and not the Israelis. And we—as Americans, and me—as an American and a Jew—must stand for what is right. Must declare: That Israel has a right to exist. That Israel has the inherent right to defend itself. That we have a duty, as Americans, to stand by the side of Israel in the face of attacks from terrorists and suicide bombers and malign regimes—who again, have the same goal in mind: to kill Jews. That now is the time to stand with Israel.”  —Rep. Elaine Luria, Remarks on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

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That now is the time to stand with Israel.”