JCRC responds

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Other News

Among the five core issues for United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Jewish Community Relations Council, the first listed on its website is: Combating antisemitism, bigotry, and racism.

In response to the increase in antisemitic incidents, in addition to the JCRC’s ongoing work of building relationships with diverse communities and government leaders, and working for the security of the Jewish community, Rabbi Batya Glazer, JCRC’s director, notes that in the past few weeks, JCRC has:

• Posted a Resource sheet on antisemitism on JCRC’s website to offer assistance in how to respond to antisemitic acts.
• Facilitated a conversation with YAD on response to anti-Israel, anti-Zionist social media messaging.
• Contacted the Governor’s office, which issued a statement in opposition to antisemitism (see statement on this page).
• Planned programming with its Outreach committee in response to antisemitism.
• Developed a task force to express appreciation for legislators’ support for Israel.
• Shared Legislators statements.
• Promoted national events such as Day of Action Against Antisemitism,

To learn more about Jewish Community Relations Council, go to JewishVa.org or contact Rabbi Batya Glazer at bglazer@ujft.org.