Jewish architecture class at the Sandler Family Campus

by | Dec 7, 2012 | What’s Happening

Monday, Dec. 17, 6:30-8 pm

Local architects Paul Turok and Rob Berz will lead a discussion of the history of their trade in Jewish communities around the world, as well as a careful study of the Sandler Family Campus, and how its construction was influenced by Jewish values.

“Paul Turok and I put the session together because Miriam Brunn Ruberg, director of Jewish Life and Learning, had the idea to introduce this added dimension to JCC curricula,” says Berz.

“Is there a Jewish architectural aesthetic?” asks Turok. “This is what we asked ourselves when designing the Sandler Family Campus of the Tidewater Jewish Community. Our answer was ‘not exactly,’ but the campus does have a Jewish story, as it is an abstraction of themes from Judaism and from Israel.”

“Paul will start with a tour of the JCC,” says Berz. “Then I will walk folks through a brief sampling of what Jewish prayer spaces have looked like over time. The group will then discuss how spaces in which we gather today influence our Judaism.

“This free event takes place at the JCC. For more information, contact Brunn Ruberg at 321-2328 or

The Simon Family Jewish Community Center is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.