Jewish Tidewater 2022…another busy year

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Featured

Jewish-related news made more mainstream headlines in 2022 than most of us could ever recall. The topics receiving the most national and global coverage included news about Ukraine’s Jewish president, Jewish U.S. politicians, Israel’s election (again!), the synagogue hostage situation in Texas, Holocaust education in schools, security needs for synagogues and Jewish organizations, and certainly not to be omitted, blatant antisemitism. Occasionally, some good and pleasant news also appeared…perhaps about a Jewish holiday, actor, book, television program, film, or even a Jewish or Israeli recipe.

This review of 2022, however, concentrates only on Jewish Tidewater as reported in Jewish News. With the return to in-person gatherings, there was plenty to write about! This is, however, just a sample, as space is limited. Want more? Go to, click on the E-Edition icon and you can re-read all of this year’s issues, as well as years and years of past newspapers.

In 2022, Jewish Tidewater was generous, caring, active, inquisitive, and had fun, too.

Terri Denison