Jewish Tidewater Community Survey: Results available soon

by | May 27, 2020 | Other News

For the first time in 19 years, Tidewater’s Jewish community conducted a survey to gather information to build a stronger, more dynamic Jewish community. The survey took place in February.

The last survey, the 2001 Jewish Community demographic Study, revealed where Jewish people lived, their ages, information about households (ages and number of people), and other such details.

The 2020 survey aimed to learn where people are on their Jewish journey, what types of services and activities they seek, and how they want to be connected or contacted. The Jewish Tidewater survey was designed to help the Jewish community understand what local Jews attend and what they don’t—and why and what services and events they want.

Conducted by the Melior Group of Philadelphia, Pa., the survey exceeded its first goal—the number of participants. More than 860 members of Jewish Tidewater took the survey, hundreds beyond the expectation for a community of its size. “We were thrilled with the participation,” says Betty Ann Levy, United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s executive vice president/CEO. “We heard from all segments of the population—young and old, and all levels of observance.”

The survey’s analysis is nearly done. Data has been compiled and sorted and a summary is expected soon. When it is complete, the pertinent information will be disseminated to the appropriate agencies, synagogues, schools, and organizations. Information will also be shared here, in Jewish News.

Then, the organized community will have an opportunity to address the feedback and use the information to create strategic priorities for Jewish Tidewater.