Jewish Tidewater Survey to begin in February

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Featured

Community ready to learn about area Jewish residents in 2020

After 19 years, the Jewish community has decided it is time to conduct a survey to learn just what is important to Tidewater’s Jewish members.

The last survey, which took place in 2001, was a demographic study. It revealed where Jewish people lived, how old they were, who comprised what households (ages and number of people) and many other such details.

The Jewish Tidewater Community Survey that will take place online beginning next month, will ask a different array of questions. The aim of this survey is to learn what people want in a Jewish community, what they think it should feel like, what is missing, even what is perceived to be fantastic.

Conducted by the Melior Group from Philadelphia on behalf of Tidewater’s Jewish agencies, schools, and synagogues —all of which have had the opportunity to help develop the survey’s content—the information will make it possible to better serve all of Jewish Tidewater.

With the responses, synagogues, schools, and Jewish agencies will be able to refresh and recharge their reach—creating a strategic framework for the organized Jewish community’s future.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and every Jewish person age 18 and over is eligible, and in fact, requested to participate. The survey is designed to give a voice to ANYONE who identifies as Jewish, regardless of affiliation or belief. It is anonymous.

This is a chance to let the organized community know what types of services and activities are desired, how one wants to be connected and contacted…or not.

Take the survey. Tell friends about it and that their voice will be heard. Go to next month and help write Tidewater’s Jewish story.