Joan and Eric Joffe: 50 Years

by | Feb 23, 2023 | Other News

Eric and Joan Joffe (center seated) surrounded by their family.


Jewish News: When and where did you meet?

Joan and Eric Joffe: We met on the beach in Clifton, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa in December 1968.

JN: What was most memorable about your wedding?

J&E: Our wedding on April 10, 1973 was during the time of the first Godfather movie. A good memory was our first dance to the music from the wedding in the movie. Thinking back now, 50 years later, our most treasured memories are those of our family members who were there to celebrate with us.

JN: What advice would you give yourselves of 50 years ago?

J&E: Married life is not a fairytale. It comes with many unpredicted ups and downs. Being best friends and supporting each other, no matter what will help you face anything together. Big hugs help too!!

JN: What has been your secret to staying together?

J&E: The secret to any marriage being successful is love, honesty, and respect. Respect is very

important in any relationship, but especially in marriage.

JN: Do you have any advice for couples about to wed?

J&E: Marry a person with the same values as you, and make sure that you have a good relationship with his/her family.