Jody Wagner gets honored, JFS reaps the reward

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Other News

A leader of many organizations throughout Tidewater, Jody Wagner recently made a special gift to Jewish Family Service of Tidewater happen.

Since 2006, Wagner has been a member of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation’s (HRCF) board of directors, including serving as chairman of the audit and finance committee and as treasurer since June 2013. As a “thank you” in honor of Wagner’s 11 years of service, HRCF awarded a $5,000 unrestricted grant to a program of her choice. Wagner directed the honorary grant to the Personal Affairs Management (PAM) Program of JFS.

“I chose JFS’s PAM program to be the recipient of this honorary grant because it does such a fabulous job of protecting seniors who cannot handle their own finances,” says Wagner. Wagner knows this program well as she served as president of the JFS board of directors from 1996 through 1998.

Dr. Deborah DiCroce, president and CEO of HRCF, says Wagner recognized the “critical role the PAM program plays in protecting some of the region’s most vulnerable adults as they try to manage their personal finances and navigate the oft choppy waters of daily living, physical and emotional security, aging, and illness.”

The HRCF provides support for hundreds of community organizations in Hampton Roads, and has undertaken several initiatives to improve the economic competitiveness of the area.

Wagner and her husband, Dr. Alan Wagner, are longtime supporters of JFS and the Tidewater Jewish and general communities.

“JFS thanks Jody Wagner and the HRCF for shining a bright spotlight on the PAM program’s important work,” says Betty Ann Levin, JFS executive director.