Judaism through the Arts offered at United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

A new six-week class on Jewish art through United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s Konikoff Center of Learning has received the support of an anonymous donor, making the classes free for all who attended.

The classes were a part of the curriculum offered by Jewish Art Education (JAE)—an organization dedicated to educating the world on the contributions of the Jewish visual arts to Jewish civilization.

Twice a month from March through May, between 25 and 45 people gathered at the Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus to learn about Jewish contributions to some of the greatest art in history. Attendees were inspired by themes—such as the art of Jewish women and of the Jewish holidays—as well as by individual artists, such as Modigliani and Chagall. During a presentation called “The Art of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world),” participants donated food to the Jewish Food Pantry and created greeting cards to be shared through Jewish Family Service of Tidewater.

The final lecture, which was on the art of Marc Chagall, included the artist’s history and a deep study of his work, followed by participants having an opportunity to paint their own Chagall-inspired creations.

Thanks to the donor, lunch was provided to all those who attended the Jewish Art Education classes at the Simon Family JCC.

For more information about Jewish Art Education classes and similar opportunities to learn as a community, contact Sierra Lautman, director of Jewish Innovation, at 757-965-6107 or SLautman@UJFT.org.

Sierra Lautman