KBH and Temple Israel continue joint celebrations

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Other News

For the last 16 years, Kehillat Bet Hamidrash/Kempsville Conservative Synagogue and Temple Israel have enjoyed a programming partnership, sharing simchas, celebrations, programs, and prayers.

Hanukkah 5777 saw another opportunity for being together. KBH holds an annual Hanukkah party with both indoor and outdoor candle lightings, Ed’s famous latkes, and lots of fun. This year, it was scheduled for December 25, 2016, and in true tradition for the day, a Chinese dinner was prepared in the synagogue. More than 80 people from KBH, Temple Israel, synagogues throughout the community, and the unaffiliated enjoyed the camaraderie and candles. Rabbi Michael Panitz of Temple Israel led the candle blessings, followed by traditional Hanukkah songs.

This was the second in the partnership celebrations held at KBH this year. In October, the Simchat Torah celebration was another sweet treat. Temple Israel members joined KBHers to share the KBH tradition of handing out candy during the hakafot with the Torah scrolls.