Kim Simon Fink: Perpetual action. . . and motion

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Trending News

Erica, Dustin, Simon, and Kim Fink.

Kim is Mother.

Kim is a season unto herself.

Kim is a sister of perpetual action.

She is always working on the next chapter and never plays by the book. She bore and broke out three children in her own image–a storyteller, a dancer, and a loyalist–mothered them, smothered them, and let them free.

She broadcast to the world stories of sailors and aeronauts.

She charges the community to give and live large. She flies and skis and runs and bikes and swims and fights and whips us all into a frenzy of charactered delight that somehow still leaves space for her to comfort us, hold us, or simply sit with us.

Kim tells you to be yourself and let the sun shine in.

Kim loves us, each, and all together.

Kim is Mother.

-Simon, Dustin, and Erica Fink