Knowledge is the answer

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Other News

Jewish News is gathering and presenting some basic facts for this space to equip readers during this difficult time with the confidence needed to engage in conversation about Israel.

This information is from Jewish Federations of North America, as of April 8.

Six months of Israel-Hamas War

Israel Defense Forces

  • Approximately 300,000 IDF reserve soldiers were called up, of whom 8% are over 50 years old and 17% are women.
  • 10,500 IDF soldiers have been exposed to traumatic events and developed symptoms of PTSD; 1,890 of these were unable to return to the field.
  • IDF rescue helicopters have airlifted more than 1,300 wounded soldiers from the battlefield.


  • 2,235 rockets and missiles crossed Israel’s borders in the south and north:
    • 9,100 from Gaza
    • 3,100 from Lebanon
    • 35 from Syria
    • An undisclosed number from Yemen and Iraq

Note: These numbers do not include the rockets, drones, and missiles launched from Iran on April 13.
According to estimates, Iran-backed Hezbollah has some 150,000 rockets and precision-guided missiles that could penetrate deep into Israel.

Terrorists and targets

  • Some 12,000 terrorists (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) have been eliminated in Gaza.
  • 32,000 terror targets have been hit in Gaza and 3,300 in Lebanon.


  • 252,585 tons of food have been distributed in Gaza, according to the IDF.
  • 19,805 tons of medical supplies were distributed in Gaza.
  • According to the IDF, 3,200 Gazans were evacuated from the
  • Gaza Strip to receive urgent medical treatment.


  • Current cost of the war: approximately $68 million per day.