Legal Matters

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Other News

Who knew one year ago when we scheduled this issue’s Legal Matters that so many legal decisions and arguments would be taking place—in Israel and in the USA? Consider, for example, Israel’s suspension of the Western Wall agreement (page 16) and, its advancement of a controversial conversion bill (page 22). Then there is the article about myriad Jewish groups weighing in on the Supreme Court’s decision on Trump’s travel ban (page 23). Not in this section (because we ran out of room!) is an article on page 14 about the Chief Rabbinate’s blacklist. And, these are just a few of the legal issues and rulings impacting Jews and Israelis this month.

In more positive, certainly less devisive news, the article on UJFT’s Society of Professionals offers an update of all that this new group has been up to for the past year. And, Rabbi Gavriel Rudin’s piece on Jewish themed CLEs looks like a thought-provoking opportunity for area attorneys.

Always a favorite aspect of this annual section is the profiles of a few attorneys. We hope you find interesting what Daniel Miller, Andy Fox, and David Kushner have to say about their practices and how their Judaism informs their work.

Judaism and laws and commandments have a long history…dating back to the Torah…and up to this very minute.

We hope you find these articles as informative as we did.